I recently went to an event full of prompts. I knew what I was getting myself into. I had been to many a “I am woman, hear me roar” shindig where strangers become soul sisters in under three hours. Such is the life of a life coach’s daughter, I guess. I usually take to these gatherings like a duck to water, but something inside me snapped AND clicked. It wasn’t the prompts or the people. It was the story I was telling.

I wasn’t even confessing a painful deep dark truth that no one else knew, but I realized I had told some version of the same sob story for the billionth time. And I was bored with it. I had become bored by my own story that I was telling myself and others.

I have spent years dissecting and peeling back the layers of my dark in earnest so I could not just survive, but thrive. I know I am completely justified in having the fears and trends I do (we all are), but it turns out I don’t want to be right after all. I want to be happy, and they’re quite different. And with that, it was as if a grandiose chandelier turned on.

Then a quote from my bulletin-board reared its head- “If you want to change your life, change your story.” This quote has pissed me off for years, but I stubbornly hold on to it. I know it’s not calling for witness protection protocol, but rather a reframing of my data. I get it. The stories we keep on tap directly correlate to our quality of life + relationships. But pretending that certain not so fun threads don’t exist seems like a recipe for disaster. It wasn’t until I picked up the novel in my purse I was reluctantly trudging through that a second chandelier lit up.

The stories we hold about ourselves and our lives are just like the stories we buy. There are the books on our shelves, and then the books we’re currently reading that we carry around with us. You get to put the book that no longer suits you back on your shelf. You’re not burning it. You’re not even donating it. You’re just shelving it. You’re saying, “this isn’t what I need right now,” so you can make room in your bag for the one you do need- the one that gives you something that’s in alignment with what you want.

I was just as stubborn about finishing every book I started as I was about carrying the same old version of my story around. I needed to give myself permission to change it up. I didn’t realize I could reframe and still be authentic. Turns out, there are no loyalty points for using a certain story’s app.

So give yourself permission. Same bag. Same collection on your shelf. Just choose to read yourself a story you actually like. Cuz you can!

Happy reading 😀

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