Identifying Your Self-Care Benchmarks

We all have a list in our heads of the things we do, or want to do, that help us relax, reset, and rejuvenate. Some of these things we do on the reg, and some feel like guilty pleasures only appropriate + doable on vacations. One year when my family and I took a beach trip, we made friends with a French couple. We were there for one week, and they were there for three. Oh la la.

Well, You Can Just Shelve It

I recently went to an event full of prompts. I knew what I was getting myself into. I had been to many a “I am woman, hear me roar” shindig where strangers become soul sisters in under three hours. Such is the life of a life coach’s daughter, I guess. I usually take to these gatherings like a duck to water, but something inside me snapped AND clicked. It wasn’t the prompts or the people. It was the story I was telling.

Thanking the Academy

The Oscars are about celebrating the multiple facets of the art of film—the actors, the costumes, the special effects, the screenplay, and so on. To some, it honors the behind-the-scenes work of an art form that many people all over the world admire and enjoy. To others, it is a fashion show to drool over and critique. Yet one common theme among discussions about the Academy Awards is the brevity and structure of the acceptance speeches.

What Nourishes You?

I went to a TED Talk inspired campus event that featured personal reflections from four different members of the student community. The purpose of this event was to explore what makes us tick, what we care about and what passions drive what we do. One presentation and conversation stood out because of its multidimensional nature and space for diverse reflection.

Happiness: Choice vs. Proactive Acceptance

There’s a lot of talk out there about how happiness is a choice- how we need to build up the strength to drown out our Negative Nancys with sheer will until we’ve practically reconditioned our impulses. But here’s what I find twisted about this message when it’s disclaimer free: