Not only am I a versatile writer, but I’m also a portrait, event and travel photographer. I’ve been selected for grant-funded expeditions, workshops with prestigious photographers, and regional awards. My work has also been featured in exhibits and publications.

Here’s the good news: I’ve taken a lot of photos that people adore (yaay!). But here’s the kicker: A photography portfolio is like a garden. If you don’t spruce and prune regularly, everything overgrows and taunts your weekends.

I reeeeally hate gardening.

My online portfolio needs some major tlc, but until the glorious overhaul is revealed, here’s a little tease:

What you will see on the replanted photography page are the best of my time in San Miguel, The Riviera Maya, Brussels, Bologna, Venice, Verona, Cinque-Terre, and more. You will also see a collection of children’s and adult portraits.

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