Working with Terra on my website redesign was by far the fastest and easiest experience I’ve ever had with a web designer. She listened, asked the right questions about my goals for my site and helped me to quickly identify a design that was attractive and easy to maintain. Because I needed my site to be good-looking before a big meeting with some Hollywood producers, she got everything done within a week. Then I hired her to create two more sites, presentations, and manage my social media as my projects took off. I can highly recommend her to any creator!

Karyn F.

Terra gave my script an excellent, close read- teasing out of my writing the meaning I intended, but hadn’t quite managed to convey. Her insights helped me make major improvements in a character I had struggled with. My festival coverage was full of fatuous suggestions based on sloppy reading. Terra, on the other hand, is the real thing.

Anne E.

As a timid would-be entrepreneur, Terra has been an invaluable source of support, insight and inspiration. It’s a wonderful thing when someone can listen to your vision and translate that into a compelling business strategy. Terra knows her stuff, and approaches her work with energy and empathy. With her guidance and encouragement, I’ve taken the all-important steps to define my brand and services. I absolutely love my website she made and I can’t wait to keep working together! 

Stephanie L.

Terra Joy is indeed such a joy to work with. Partnering with her has lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulders so I can do more of what I actually enjoy for my business. She has handled the nitty-gritty of editing and publishing, while I’ve been able to create! She’s super organized and keeps me in the loop on where we are on each project. She asks all the right questions that support strategy, consistency and quality, and she always gives me her honest feedback and advice in a diplomatic way. Not only does she have the editor’s eye, tech savvy and patience my website and newsletter require, but she seems to truly enjoy this work. I am beyond grateful our paths crossed!!

Jessica L.