Are you starting a business or launching a big project?
Do you need a tech savvy marketing guru to fill in the gaps?
Maybe you know what it is you want to contribute, but you’re unclear how best to package it.

Let’s partner + play!  

I’m a consultant here to help you pave the road of your communications show, so you can spend more time on the core juju— the juice of why you started your work in the first place!

In this collaboration, you’ll find yourself saying things like, “I have this idea, how do we translate it?” Then you get to tell me, “Love that, tweak this, replace those with these, and what if we add this?” Sounds fun, right?

My professional background has turned me into a communications Swiss army knife, and I love it. I’m here to offer marketing strategy, point you to resources, troubleshoot, be a sounding board, and crystalize your vision into concrete action items. Whatever phase of your biz/project you’re in, I’d love to support you in reaching your next marker AND doing it in a way that’s 100% in alignment with what’s important to you.

My clients range from life coaches, stylists and designers, to screenwriters and producers. As a transplant from Washington, DC now based in Los Angeles, I work with people all over the United States. Let’s dive in!

Note: All Services Include Project Strategy/Planning + Check-In Calls


Marketing Strategy (social media, newsletters, websites, graphics)
Website Management  
(Does not include the cost of URL registration + web hosting. It’s important that those services are in your name, but my guiding you through their acquisition is included.)
Pitch Document/Presentation Design
(Includes copyediting)
Social Graphics Production 
Newsletter/Blog Coordination
Screenplay Coverage 

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